Bayview Escarpment

Shaker-style Fireplace Mantel and Surround

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This Shaker-style fireplace mantel and surround is starting to take shape. Made from maple and cabinet grade maple veneer core plywood, it stands about 60″ tall and 78″ wide. It will be painted after installation. Eight inch two part baseboard moulding, similar to that which already exists in the home but hand made by myself in solid wood, will be wrapped around the bottom of the columns and scribed to the wall. The simple but deep cove moulding, a classic Shaker feature, was also custom made for this project.

In light of COVID 19, I have built a full sized replica of the existing destination chimney box so I could construct and do as much cutting as possible in my shop. Once primed, the fireplace surround will be disassembled and stored, ready for installation, when possible.

The fireplace surround will be scribed, trimmed, and fitted to the wall.
Ready for priming.

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