Bayview Escarpment

Mahogany silverware display cabinet

Base price per chair: $


Made of solid mahogany on a maple plywood carcass, this 18th century-styled display cabinet features hand caved elements to include the Royal Canadian Armour Corp crest along with a leopard and coyote head.


60″H x 42″W x 19″D.


Clear lacquer finish.

This mahogany display cabinet was built to display the Royal Canadian Armour Corps’ silverware collection. Made of solid mahogany top, base, and frame, the cabinet’s carcass was fashioned from maple veneer core plywood, with mahogany veneer on the exterior. On the front was carved the crest of the Royal Canadian Armour Corps, along withe the heads of a leopard and coyote, the names of Corps’ two principle armoured vehicles at the time. The maple plywood was incorporated to enhance the natural lighting within the cabinet without actually adding artificial lighting.

60″H x 42″W x 19″D. Clear lacquer finish.