Bayview Escarpment

Bognor arm chair


With a contemporary look and lines but all the amazing qualities of a traditional North American Windsor chair in terms of comfort, workmanship, and durability, the Bognor arm chair brings the 18th century into the 21st.

Based on the classic Windsor sack back, the Bognor arm chair is nevertheless different enough to have its own name.

Whereas the classic North American Windsor chairs are renowned for their symmetry, delicate spindles, and flowing lines, the Bognor has a more contemporary flavour. There is a narrow crest instead of a back bow, the arm bow is heavier with a simplified paddle, the spindles are not flared in the centre, are heavier in dimension, and are more numerous but are grouped into two: back spindles and side spindles. The legs are also cleaner in design.

The joinery and method of production is identical to my other Windsor chairs, with tapered and wedged joinery that will last generations and will never loosen.

Why call it the Bognor? Bognor, once located in Sydenham Township but now in the Municipality of Meaford, was originally called Sydenham (yes, Sydenham, Sydenham, Ontario). The problem was that the other Sydenham, Ontario, just outside of the then-capital, Kingston, was much better known. Deliveries were forever being diverted to the wrong Sydenham. So, it was decided that a new name was required to avoid confusion…. just like this chair.

Finish is your choice of milk paint, sealed with tung oil.

An update to the classic
Hand applied, hand rubbed milk paint finish topped with tung oil
Beautiful lines

37 ½” Tall
21” Wide
20 ½” Deep
Seat Height – 18” at the front