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Christkindl Market Eating Stands

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The set of eight wheelchair-accessible Christkindl Market Eating Stands are complete.

These stands come with one fixed and two folding eating shelves (each approx 11 1/2″ deep)  with an overhead roof. The upper eating shelves are about 42″ high, perfect for adults needing a place to set their food and drinks down while taking a break during the Christkindl Market. For wheelchair-bound patrons and children, one upper shelf folds down via two levers and then the lower eating shelf can be raised, to about 30″ off the ground. There is ample clearance underneath this shelf to allow wheelchair users full access.

The eating shelves are made from composite decking screwed to a metal frame. The stands themselves are made from clear Canadian white pine. They break down into 5 sub-assemblies for storage off-season. In the case of heavy winds, there are two integral brackets that will accept a standard 3-hole 8″ x 16″ cinder blocks which can be secured in place by a locking plate and nut, adding about 80lbs to at the base of the structure (locking plate not shown – simple landscape stones in this photo). Adjustable leg levelers are included in the bases (not shown here).

Configured for patrons in wheelchairs and for children, at about 30″ (standard table height)
Configured with both upper eating shelves in place, for adult patrons standing while they eat and drink
The intermediate configuration, with both foldable shelves in the Down position
All parts are numbered for assembly and disassembly
When in pace, the two upper shelves form one continuous wide eating platform
Disassembly for shipment has begun

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