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I am developing a guitar stool version of the ever popular and incredibly comfortable Meaford line of stools.

Shaping the bottom and wings of the guitar stool seat.

This stool is based on the standard Meaford stool but incorporates a guitar stand in the back, suitable for most if not all guitars – acoustic, electric, etc. To achieve this the stool will be 28″ high, high enough to accommodate the body of an acoustic guitar, and also high enough off the floor to allow the amp jack to remain in the base of the acoustic guitar while in the stand. The intent is to create a comfortable and beautiful stool that will allow the musician to sit and play a set, then place the guitar onto the stand and walk off stage for a break.

Many “guitar stools” are 25″ tall, allowing a taller person to perch on the front is the stool with one foot on the ground. This, however, does not work for shorter guitarists and is based on the proportions of a 1960s average white male American. Furthermore, the highly sculpted Meaford stool seat is designed for the user to sit completely on the seat with his or her feet resting on the foot rest, located 16″ below. Even my 24″ stool is not designed for the “one leg dangle”. As each stool is hand made by me, anyone with particularly longer or shorter legs can have the footrest height modified to achieve the perfect leg geometry for guitar playing, at no extra cost.

Determining the centre stretcher length before turning on the lathe. Every part is hand made and custom fit to each individual stool.

The lower guitar shelf will be fashioned from powder coated steel rod and covered with closed cell foam cushioning. Some of the details are still being worked out as I source and try different materials. I may end up opting for leather wherever the guitar might touch wood but I am not sure where public sensitivity stands on such things now. Perhaps I will offer both versions – one for leather lovers and another for the rest!

I hope to have these out by Christmas. The prototype has a walnut seat with ash legs. Once I am happy with the design I will produce versions with ebonized oak legs and live edge and live edge with epoxy infill seats, just as I have with my other Meaford stools. A stunning, incredibly well built, super comfortable, and beautiful piece to be enjoyed as you strum and pick your way through your favourite song.

Tapered and wedged joinery ensure that your stool becomes an heirloom piece


This beautiful guitar stool is coming together nicely

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