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Windsor Chairs | Chairs

Owning a hand-built, custom made chair is rare pleasure in this day and age. Chair making requires a host of skills many furniture makers forgo, and crafting a Windsor chair requires the mastery of an additional set of skills.

I am one of the few traditional Windsor chair makers in Canada. I make these chairs one at a time, to your specifications, in my shop in Grey County, Ontario. A single chair may require several weeks to complete.

Meaford Stool Collection

The Meaford Stool Collection

The extremely popular Meaford line of stools comes in several variations but all incorporate the beauty, comfort, and craftsmanship embodied in my Windsor hand made chairs.

Often the poor cousin of the chair, stools can make their own design statement in your home. Each of these stools has been named after a geographic point or community in the Municipality of Meaford because they both share something in common.


Enjoy the comfort of these hand crafted custom benches. They can be made in any style and for any room, employing traditional quality joinery and the highest quality materials.

Custom Furniture

I am delighted to build any style furniture, from neo- classical reproductions to modern creations, carved or with simple lines, in sold wood or a combination of solid and plywoods.

Display cabinets, end tables, night stands, dressers, or bathroom vanities. We will also select a finish that provides the look and protection that you want, and that enhances the look and character of your piece today and into the future.