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English Windsor Double Bow Arm Chair

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The Same, But Different

I have now completed the set of eight English Windsor chairs, to include two double bow arm chairs.

Like all my other Windsor chairs, the curved parts and spindles in this beautiful arm chair are hand riven from a large clear log, allowing me to bend and shape them, sometimes into delicate forms, without fear of breakage. The legs are also attached to the seat using tapered and wedged joinery, ensuring that they will never wobble. Because, unlike its North American cousins, English chairs were rarely painted, this chair is made entirely of a single species. In this case, ash.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The seats on these two chairs are different heights, reflecting the heights of the primary users. While the average chair is 18″ at the top of the seat, in this case the “Poppa Bear” chair is 19″ whereas the “Momma Bear” chair stands at 17″. While 18″ is perfect for most people, it only makes sense that custom chairs be the right ergonomic height for the primary users.

Sweeping curves top to bottom

Like all arm chairs, the incline is greater than that of side chairs. This is because, while one sits in an side chair, one reclines into an arm chair. As such, the arms are useful to help get out of such a comfortable position.

Interestingly, the bent arms are merely decorative. The chair arm is held in place primarily by the side spindles.

Extra Wide is growing in popularity

The seat on this arm chair is especially wide. I have noticed a trend of late where people are asking for wider arm chairs. It doesn’t detract from the overall comfort, look, or feel of the chair.

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