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Thanks for taking the time to visit! I love being a furniture maker and I am happiest when I am covered in sawdust working on a project in my shop. I find posting notes and photos here is a great way to keep current clients abreast on the progress of their commission. It also gives me a chance to highlight some of the design elements incorporated in their piece and explain why particular joints and materials are being used.

Continuous handrail

I just finished installing about 220 linear feet of continuous handrail in the Meaford Hall and Cultural Centre, over four pairs of stairs. It is

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Live edge Meaford stools

I continue to explore the possibilities of combining unparalleled comfort and durability with the appeal of live edge furniture, creating stunning live edge Meaford stools

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Marketing with style

When you want some classy marketing materials, or a fine departure gift for a dedicated team member, your choices are limited, and very few are

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