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Thanks for taking the time to visit! I love being a furniture maker and I am happiest when I am covered in sawdust working on a project in my shop. I find posting notes and photos here is a great way to keep current clients abreast on the progress of their commission. It also gives me a chance to highlight some of the design elements incorporated in their piece and explain why particular joints and materials are being used.

Black Locust and Epoxy Meaford Stools

Adding a touch of drama to your space….. My Meaford line of stools has really caught on. They are just so darn comfortable and beautiful,

English Windsor Double Bow Arm Chair

The Same, But Different I have now completed the set of eight English Windsor chairs, to include two double bow arm chairs. Like all my

Hand Made Side Chair

English Windsor Side Chair

It’s Coming Together The English Windsor side chairs are progressing and I hope to have them assembled by the end of next week. With six

Hand reaming

English Windsor Chairs

English Windsor chairs – UPDATE I haven’t written a blog in quite some time. I have just been working flat out, but I find this

Christkindl Market Eating Stands

The set of eight wheelchair-accessible Christkindl Market Eating Stands are complete. These stands come with one fixed and two folding eating shelves (each approx 11

Eating stands

Asked to make a set of handicap-accessible eating stands for the Kitchener Christkindl Market, I am finally entering the home stretch. Designed to give people

Ultimate guitar stool

I am developing a guitar stool version of the ever popular and incredibly comfortable Meaford line of stools. This stool is based on the standard