Bayview Escarpment

Custom hand-made chairs and Windsor chairs

Strong, beautiful chairs
that will last a lifetime

A Windsor is different from conventional chairs in the following ways:
  • High Quality, Long Lasting

    The arms, backs, and rear spindles are hand riven from a large log before being dimensioned and shaped by hand, endowing them with both delicacy and strength.

  • Custom Comfort

    The seat is hand-hewn into an extremely comfortable saddle or dish shape, cradling the user. The height of the legs can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.

  • Traditionally Bulit

    The legs join the seat using tapered joinery, meaning that the joints are tightened with use, not loosened.

Classic Windsor Chairs
Customize Your Windsor Chair
How to purchase your own custom hand-made Windsor chair
  • Many Styles To Choose From

    Browse the available styles and select your chair. If you don’t see the style you’re looking for, please contact me to discuss your preferred design.

  • Customize Your Design

    Choose optional features. Many of these chairs come with optional features.

  • Select your finish

    All chairs are stained light brown and then painted using milk paint.

  • Contact Me

    Let's talk about your order. Send me a message detailing what you would like. I will then contact you to ensure that I have all the spec details are clear before proceeding. Payment is secured here.

Choose Your Finish
Basic Finish


A single solid colour finish consisting of two coats of milk paint sealed with either an oil or, for light colours, water borne varnish (to avoid yellowing). Over time, the topcoat will wear naturally, revealing the base coat when you’ve chosen a second colour.



One colour of milk paint over the underlying stain, then distressed to reveal the underlying colour.

Two Coloured Rug

Two-colour rubbed

Three coats of milk paint, two coats of a second colour wash, and then this is rubbed down, allowing the undercoat to peek through, then sealed and waxed. This imparts a luxurious finish.

Choose Your Style
A closer look at the Bognor Fan Back Arm Chair.
Let’s build your classic or custom hand-made Windsor Chair.
High quality Windsor chairs encompass a wide array a varieties, including contemporary, Ercol, other designer, and traditional English, and can be finished in a number of options, depending on the desired look and use. If it has four legs, a comfortably dished seat, and spindles, I can build it.