Bayview Escarpment


Hand carved details personalize your furniture

Adding carved detail to your custom-made piece of furniture sets it apart from anything else. It’s a touch of old-world detail and craftsmanship rarely seen on today’s furniture, mass-produced or custom.

Carved white oak cabinet legs

Furniture Feet & Legs

Carved white oak cabinet legs, feet, and other elements,

Reproduced Handrails

Reproduced handrails

When elements are no longer available on the market for historic peices.

Faux linen runner

Faux linen runner

Carved piece of maple to simulate a linen runner on the finished piece.

An accomplished carver

My low-relief carvings adorn many of the custom furniture pieces I’ve made. I enjoy the challenge and the artistry of creating a small, original work of art within a larger heirloom piece.

If you’re interested in adding a carved element to your custom furniture or looking to incorporate historic millwork elements into your home, we can work together on a design that reflects something personal about you, your family or your home.

Carving detail