Bayview Escarpment

Black Locust and Epoxy Meaford Stools

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Adding a touch of drama to your space.....

My Meaford line of stools has really caught on. They are just so darn comfortable and beautiful, but it is not often that they have this much character. Made from a well dried slab of black locust, a non-native tree in Ontario, the wood ha a yellow tone that, over time, will take on the character of fumed white oak, so popular in the 1920s and 30s. The extensive voids, splitting, and cracking of original slab, once infilled with clear epoxy, imparts the seats with stunning character.

Each of the seats is unique, providing colour and drama no matter where you stand.

Although the clear epoxy appears to be black in the cracks, it allows the viewer to see through the seat where the wood is entirely absent.

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